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Through the sport of padel, Epic Padel brings people together to have fun, get fit and build relationships.

what is padel?

Padel is a dynamic sport that takes the best parts of tennis and squash and creates something more. Padel is a doubles or singles game played on an astro turf court that is 20 metres x 10 metres (doubles court) or 20 metres x 6 metres (singles court) and enclosed on all sides by walls. The walls enable players to play shots off the glass as long as the ball has only bounced once.

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who plays padel?

The great attraction of padel is that it truly is a SPORT FOR EVERYONE for the following reasons:
easy to learn
It is much easier to pick up than tennis or squash so new players are not easily discouraged
any level of play
It is dynamic and fun, with epic rallies at even the beginner level
burn calories
It offers an incredible cardio vascular workout, burning over 400 calories per hour
It is played in a contained environment, which is perfect for children
it's social
Because the court is relatively small, players are close together, making conversation easier and more natural
all welcome
Padel is more about strategy and tactics than power. In Padel, the percentage of women players is 30%
perfect for older players
It is much easier on the body than other racket sports

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"Totally Epic!"
I love paddle because it’s so easy and you can learn very quickly, even if you don’t play tennis" 
– Chloe
“Padel is epic. A friendly bunch of people who collectively enjoy the fast, fun & exhilarating pace of the game.” 
- Frances Jearey
"We both are very happy to follow the growth of Padel in Cape Town and we can see that also here people find the joy and it brings people and families together."
- Christian and Klara
"What I love about padel is that in addition to being very interactive and exciting, it’s also very tactical which forces you to be strategic and mentally strong."
– Xavier
"Padel is so much fun ! Its easy to learn even if you haven’t played many ball sports before and you can really enjoy a good game and a workout at the same time. I have also made a lovely new network of friends."
- Hayley

padel tips

Advice about padel, the technique, tactics and analyse some of YOUR matches!

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